Physical robot

The physical robot is closely modelled after the forklift robot, however is different in a few important ways. The physical robot has two radial motors, allowing it to move itself around the arena.

Motor layout

The layout of the motors attached to the motor boards for the forklift robot are as follows:

  • Motor Board 0:
    • Motor 0 - Left wheel motor
    • Motor 1 - Right wheel motor


The front grabber is actuated by a single servo, attached to the Arduino. It is plugged in to port 0.

The servo will only let you move the grabber in a safe range. 1 will open the grabber, and -1 will close the grabber.


The forklift has an ultrasound sensor attached to the front of the robot. This sensor uses digital pin 4 as the trigger pin and 5 as the echo.