Forklift Robot

Forklift robot

The forklift has two radial motors, allowing it to move itself around the arena. It also has 2 grabber motors, wired so they move together. Each motor has an encoder (position sensor) that can tell you either the position of the motor along its track, or its angle relative to the start.

The forklift robot also has multiple Ultrasound sensors, a touch sensor, and a radio, see below for details.

Motor layout

The layout of the motors attached to the motor boards for the forklift robot are as follows:

  • Motor Board 0:
    • Motor 0 - Left wheel motor
    • Motor 1 - Right wheel motor
  • Motor Board 1:
    • Motor 0 - Grabber motor (Both arms)

Encoder layout

The layout of the Encoders are as follows:

  • Slot 0: Left wheel rotary encoder
  • Slot 1: Right wheel rotary encoder
  • Slot 2: Left grabber linear encoder
  • Slot 3: Right grabber linear encoder

Hint: the radius of a forklift wheel is 5cm.

Touch sensor

In addition to other sensors, the forklift also has a microswitch touch sensor at the rear. This is used to detect if the forklift’s rear is touching another object (a container, another robot, or a wall). The touch sensor is connected to pin 2 of the Arduino.

Ultrasound (Distance) Sensor

The forklift has many ultrasound sensors attached to various points in the robot, here is the layout of the ultrasound sensors:

  • AnaloguePin.A0: Front Left
  • AnaloguePin.A1: Front Right
  • AnaloguePin.A2: Left
  • AnaloguePin.A3: Right
  • AnaloguePin.A4: Front
  • AnaloguePin.A5: Back


The forklift robot has a radio receiver attached to its centre.