Crane Robot

Crane robot

The crane has three linear motor, allowing it to move its electromagnet in 3 dimensions. Each motor has an encoder (position sensor) that can tell you the position of the motor along its track.

Additionally, the crane has one ultrasound distance sensor and a radio, both attached to the hook (see below).

Motor layout

The layout of the motors attached to the motor boards are as follows:

  • Motor Board 0:
    • Motor 0 - Bridge motor
    • Motor 1 - Trolley motor
  • Motor Board 1:
    • Motor 0 - Hoist motor

Encoder layout

The layout of the encoders are as follows:

  • Slot 0: Bridge linear encoder
  • Slot 1: Trolley linear encoder
  • Slot 2: Hoist linear encoder

Ultrasound sensor

The crane has one ultrasound sensor pointing downwards from the magnet. The ultrasound sensor is attached to Arduino pin AnaloguePin.A0.


The crane robot has a radio receiver attached to the hook, which can be used to detect which container is below it.