Servos only apply to the physical robot.

You can control attached servo motors from the Arduino. By default, servos will be unpowered when your robot starts, and can freely rotate when turned by hand. Upon setting a value, they will hold the corresponding position. They will become unpowered again when you turn off your robot, unplug your USB stick, or set their position to the special value None.

Querying servos

The servo assembly can interface with up to sixteen servos connected to it.

servo_zero = r.arduino.servos[0]

Servo can be connected to any port, you don’t have to start at 0!

Controlling servos

Servos can be controlled using the position parameter. This should be set to a value between -1 and 1.

servo_zero.position = 0.65
>>> 0.65

When position is set to None, the servo loses power and can freely rotate. This is the same state they’re in at start-up.